Inside a Closet Makeover

As a stylist, shopping at boutiques and browsing websites are not the only ways I find my clients outfits. Many times we fall victim to the “I have so many clothes, but nothing to wear” mentality, or purchase impulse items that sit in our closets for years to come with the tags still attached because we “love it, but just don’t know how to wear it”. This is where I come in to play. I offer a service called a closet makeover in which I take a look at a client’s wardrobe, suggest what to get rid of because of wear or dated style, make outfit pairings, and list what essentials I feel the wardrobe is lacking. 

Great friends and clients of mine are in the process of moving into a larger home, and asked if I would help them set up the closet in their new home. We did a quick closet run through before the clothes were packed up and moved to the new house to avoid moving anything that we would just wind up getting rid of anyway. While setting up a closet, it is always important to think about the function: keep the things that you are wearing the most more centered, and then build around with the pieces you don’t need to access constantly (like more formal dresses and those items that we keep for nostalgia, but we all know will never be worn again). I also like to color coordinate, because the less guesswork that has to go into getting dressed when we are scrambling to get out the door, the better! It’s amazing how many more options you feel like you have when you can actually see your wardrobe. Take a look at the pics to see the closet from start to finish!

Stay Stylish!


Starting to set a plan

The (almost) finished product

The (almost) finished product

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