Back with big news!

I must admit, I was on quite the blogging hiatus. Life, as it seems to do, got a little hectic, and threw some unavoidable curveballs.

In the midst of the crazy, we found out that we will be giving my daughter Layla the title of big sister, one she is very excited to take on! My husband and I could not be more thrilled to expand our little family!

Throughout my styling career, I have gained many clients who struggle to dress fashionably through their pregnancy and post delivery. Now that I am back in the thick of this fashion challenge, I am excited to jump back in with blogs on how I’m maintaining a stylish wardrobe, how to avoid that “paper bag” maternity look, and how to just feel great for the duration of pregnancy and after!

I hope anyone who can relate finds my tips helpful, and I am excited to share!

Stay Stylish!


Photography: Tiffany Wayne; Tiffany Wayne Photography

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