Vacation Mode

I just got back from a quick mini vacation to visit some family in Florida, and let me tell you some rest and relaxation, lots of sunshine, and being surrounded by family really does a body good (especially a 4 month plus exhausted pregnant body)!

As promised, I am sharing some of the ways I am mixing regular and maternity clothes throughout my pregnancy, and here are some great options for the warm weather to come! 

Please note, both the white and denim jeans I am wearing are both maternity (yes I’m there already, apparently the second pregnancy progresses much more quickly), and everything else is non-maternity. I am attempting to wear as many non-maternity pieces as possible throughout to keep as many options in rotation as possible! 

Stay Stylish!


The dual plunging slip dress
Rylee plunging choker tee

Living Legends graphic muscle tank
Steve Madden Bryanne sneakers

Day Dream cold shoulder shift dress

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