What the 40?

Kelli (@kelcollective) is taking over the blog again to discuss her views on dressing for your age. See what she has to say!

I was born in 1978, making this my 40th year on planet earth. It’s definitely as horrifying as it sounds. I’m just kidding, I really don’t feel a day over 39 and 40 is truly the new double 20. I happened to click on an article recently directed at my ancient age demographic that determined a list of 50 things I should never use or wear again. I wanted to punch this article in its face. A few of the items listed are a given and I wholeheartedly support ditching them at any age. Tights with holes, worn out bras and shoes, expired sunscreen, HALF DEAD PLANTS, etc. Is anyone holding onto half dead plants???

The majority of items on the throw away list were actually things I own and wear on the regular with the utmost confidence. First things first, you can pry my ugg style boots (item #2 on the list) from my cold, dead hands. I wish you luck. Printed leggings (#16) and sweatshirts (#20) are life, never be afraid of comfort!! Torn denim (#44) can edge up a plain top or dress down a blazer in a fun way, wear those holes proudly! Other items I’m currently sporting despite being on the (s)hit list include headbands, tassels, and peasant blouses. They also forbid the use of plastic wine glasses (fine by me, I prefer a red solo cup for my moscato anyway), a magnifying mirror (god forbid I see my morbid raisin face up close), and cheap jewelry (please only spend three times your mortgage payments on decorating your wrist and fingers, old timer).

I don’t want to call anyone out so I’m not posting a link, but if you want to punch an article in its face, you can google something like “what not to wear at 40”, or something of the like, and find a list of 50 things. Or don’t, you don’t need that kind of negativity! Wear whatever you want!

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