My husband Craig is my rock and my sanity and watching him be a father makes me fall more in love with him everyday. Without my family, I have no idea where I would be. I love what I do because there is no greater reward than helping a client who feels lost discover their personal style. It's not just about the glamour and fun, but about the confidence I hope I am able to pass on to my clients through the right choices and the relationships we build. Because after all, friends don't let friends wear bad outfits!

My endless love and appreciation for fashion and strong passion for shopping comes from my grandmother, who ever since I can remember has been sharing fashion advice, calling excitedly about a new jewelry purchase, and spoiling me, her 3 daughters, 4 other granddaughters, and now 4 great grand daughters rotten with clothes and accessories. You can feel bad for the 3 boys who wound up in our family!

My daughter Layla is my inspiration, my driving force, my favorite client, and the best personal assistant you could ever ask for. She is already, at the age of 2, following family tradition with a strong sense of style and the girl loves her accessories! 


My Top 10 guilty pleasures

1) Reality television, any and all!
2) Magazines; gossip, fashion, I don't discriminate 
3) Dessert! Particularly a warm brownie sundae 
4) My hometown in eastern Long Island. Probably why I can't bring myself to change my cell phone number even though I moved away over 16 years ago!
5) Fringe; on bags, sweaters, necklaces..just love it! 

6) Braids, the messier the better 
7) 80s/early 90s movies. Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Teen Witch, and Troop Beverly Hills forever top my list
8) Sunglasses. Especially on top of my head. 
9) Bargain shopping. The thrill of a good deal gets me every time. 
10) Vacation.