So, here I am half way through my pregnancy…wow it just seems to fly by until that final month! I am showing a lot more at this point than I was with my first pregnancy, but I have heard that tends to be the case. I am still somewhat in that awkard stage of feeling […]

I just got back from a quick mini vacation to visit some family in Florida, and let me tell you some rest and relaxation, lots of sunshine, and being surrounded by family really does a body good (especially a 4 month plus exhausted pregnant body)! As promised, I am sharing some of the ways I […]

I must admit, I was on quite the blogging hiatus. Life, as it seems to do, got a little hectic, and threw some unavoidable curveballs. In the midst of the crazy, we found out that we will be giving my daughter Layla the title of big sister, one she is very excited to take on! […]

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season, that you’ve all made it through the craziness and are enjoying it! Since we just purchased gifts for everyone else, we are allowed to think about ourselves for a second, right?? One of my favorite go-to websites for basically anything clothing, shoes or accessories is having […]

The holidays are literally right around the corner, I can’t mention that enough lately (probably because I’m a procrastinator and I am scarily unprepared), and nothing screams holiday more than family and friends.  I had the urge to do a fun styled shoot, and couldn’t think of anything better than collaborating with my sister, bestie, […]

As a stylist, shopping at boutiques and browsing websites are not the only ways I find my clients outfits. Many times we fall victim to the “I have so many clothes, but nothing to wear” mentality, or purchase impulse items that sit in our closets for years to come with the tags still attached because […]

So, our Indian summer is over, boo!! Totally leaves us with no excuses for our open-toed loves anymore.  Every year I feel a pang of disappointment as I accept this fact because here’s a little secret about me, I DESPISE socks!  Luckily, I quickly get over it as I drown my sorrows in some retail […]

I spent this past week in Disney World on a family vacation.  At one point there were 27 of us, 6 being kids under the age of four-totally fun, but totally chaotic…yes we are nuts!  When you travel with such a large group, more planning and strategizing is required than a Sunday night football game, […]